Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Floods, Crop Newsletter & Horn Flies

Greetings All,

Well, I said I was going to try to change my ways and use a different format for our blog.  Needless to say it didn't work.  I am no tech whiz, so we will go back to this format for a while.  To catch you up on what's going on...it's raining, in case you've been living in a cave. 

Suffered Ag Loss in Storms?

If you suffered from agriculture losses from flooding, not including horses or fences in a flood zone, please let me know - as we need to report that to the USDA (FSA).  Just e-mail me: jzansley@ag.tamu.edu and I will put you in touch with our FSA representative for Travis County.  If you already reported damages to him...Thank you! 

If you do not reside in Travis County, but need assistance, I will be glad to put you in touch with your local USDA office.

Row Crop Newsletter

The fine folks at Texas A&M AgriLife started a row crop online newsletter.  It can be subscribed to, just like you did this blog, or you can just go check on it: http://agrilife.org/texasrowcrops/
Once you're on the website, check out the "current articles" tab for great info that came out today! 

Their current articles include:
- How Waterlogged Soils Impact Cotton Growth and Management Decisions
- Impact of Ponded Water/Flooding on Corn & Sorghum
- Updated Texas A&M AgriLife Weed Control Guides: Grain Sorghum, Sunflower
- Pre-Harvest Sprouting Threatening 2015 Texas Wheat Crop

Attention Wheat Farmers:

You will be receiving a few pieces of mail from me in the next few days, in snail mail.  Find the letter-opener that you have hidden somewhere...  If you somehow didn't get on the list, I sent the following print outs to those on our mailing list:


Horn Fly Control in Cattle

A few weeks ago I started a Horn Fly result demonstration with a cooperator in East Travis County under the guidance of Dr. Sonja Swiger, AgriLife Veterinary Entomologist.  We are testing 3 different types of Horn Fly ear tags efficacy.  Even though we've only had the program going a few weeks, we are already seeing one brand taking the lead.  I will leave that as a teaser; the true test will be how long they last.  We are treating all the herds under the same management practices and in neighboring pastures.