Thursday, August 28, 2014

Technology: My best friend or worst nightmare?

I have recently been struggling with this blog.  As you can see there is nothing posted on the left side in the calendar section...well, it is simply because it's not working.  Now granted, that could be user error.  I won't lie, I'm not always at the top of the tech game.  With that said, if this reaches your inbox, I have a request of you.  I will be working with a tech guru soon to be redesigning this blog and changing it to a different format and also creating a new one designated to new landowners in Central Texas.  I will do my best to continue to post to this, but for the time being would like to create a bank of all your e-mail addresses so that I may simply add you to an e-mail and directly contact you with upcoming programs or educational pieces. 

Send an e-mail titled: "Count me in" to

to receive these e-mail updates and be on my.  Also, once we've created the new blog, you will automatically be added to receive e-mails.  I hope to get rid of this specific blog and be transitioned to the new blog by early 2015.

"And now for something completely different" (any Monty Python fans?***all smiles)

We see children and adults alike with faces buried in cell phones and tablets constantly.  Average society today is 5 generations removed from the farm.  People don't know where their food comes from.  I have decided that I want to show the world all the wonderful things in agriculture going on right here under their noses daily.  I've jumped on the bandwagon...Instagram.  Now, if you are like I was you just shook your head and said heck no...that's okay!  Honestly, YOU know where your food comes from and know about farming and ranching, what my second charge to you in this e-mail is to tell your friends, kids, and everyone you know about this new Instagram account.  My user name is: traviscountyagagent - it's all run together. 

Our goal is to teach others about agriculture in Central Texas and where people's food comes from.  Please help me by encouraging everyone you know to follow me on Instagram:


Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing your faces on Instagram.  Get your kids and grandkids involved.  They need to see what's happening around them.  I've already got a handful of photos and have been interacting!